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HAZ Membership



Hotel and restaurant associations have had an international presence since 1869 first formulated to develop and organize an industry of hospitality to facilitate growth, trade and inclusive community standards and to build a stronger more professional presence within a national agenda.

HAZ is now officially launched to help support His Excellency’s national growth strategy for Zanzibar as the single most critical economic engine and to continuously improve on the; quality of experiences for visitors, develop a more inclusive value chain for Zanzibar citizens, increase employment across the hospitality sector and to become a collective more dynamic force to drive international promotion of the Zanzibar Brand.

One key objective is the quality standards gap within the industry from a global competitive perspective, where HAZ will take immediate steps to identify and through joint collaboration efforts, further enhance towards delivering on the targets and common goals between the Private and Public sector and to increase demand from higher yield markets as well as to help attract new foreign direct investments in the Zanzibar hospitality industry.

On achieving the deliverables on the agreed and set working programmes, and in consideration of the return on investments of the registered and subscribed members, working closely with the existing capacity within the public sector framework and the government regulatory framework reforms and transformation that go with global standards in regulating the industry towards success, prosperity and profitability whilst maintaining principles of responsible and sustainable ethical standards across the Hotel industry.



To be an instrument for transformative change, working with government and all stakeholders to insure a more responsible, connected and profitable sector. Where tourism benefits ALL in Zanzibar- communities and private sector investors alike and where all share in our common desire for a better future that is sustainable and empowering

Making the ZANZIBAR Hotels and Hospitality industry “globally competitive, responsible and viable” for all stakeholders; The Government, Tourists, Visitors, Property Owners, Shareholders, Hotel Brand Operators, Employees, Local Communities, and Suppliers.

HAZ Objectives

  • To Assist and help the private sector individual segment of Hotels navigate their new relationship between them and the public sector in the Hotel industry where currently is missing whilst other sub-sectors fully represented.
  • To develop, promote and protect the interests of registered members through lobbying and advocating for laws, flexible tax regimes, regulations and processes that will have a positive implication on the Hotels segment in Zanzibar and the private sector in general communicating and having dialogue in a more organized manner with the public sector as one unit thus building the nation’s progressive economy and promoting business growth amongst shareholders.
  • To work together in creating a viable business environment and to ensure the sustainability of the tourism industry as a whole in Zanzibar in an agreed responsible manner.
  • To work very closely and in partnership with all the relevant Ministries and Authorities within the Government structures and all other tourism related associations and stakeholders.
  • To conduct industry research and maintain databank and regular communications with the members proactively.
  • To promote, strengthen and protect the Hotel industry to be not only financially, socially, economically and environmentally sustainable but also highlight the importance of the hospitality industry in Zanzibar’s economic growth and the global competitiveness and viability for and to the investors, employers, employees, local communities, suppliers and the Government.
  • To liaise with all the Public and Government Institutions and Authorities for common shared and agreed issues from Ministries to Local Authorities and be the Principal voice for and on matters of new and existing laws, regulations, licensing regimes and policies.
  • To promote, advertise and market the destination collectively and globally representing member products within the framework to the existing and new emerging markets.
  • Be the official source of information and communication between the Zanzibar and Tanzania Governments directly with the industry and liaise with other Associations of similar industrial interests and officially recognized bodies