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HAZ Structure

The Association is divided into 5 Chapters. These Chapters are based on geographical proximity of the Members’ Establishment situated in such Chapter.
The Chapters established are:
  • North Chapter of Zanzibar (Unguja Island) comprising of Nungwi and Kendwa and minor suburbs The area comprises of more than 130 hotels
  • East Coast Chapter from Pongwe, Kiwengwa to Matemwe The area comprises of more than 150 hotels
  • South Coast Chapter from Michamvi, Chwaka, Uroa, Paje, Bwejuu, Jambiani, Makunduchi to Kizimkazi to Muyuni South The area comprises of more than 120 hotels
  • West Urban and City from Fumba Town to Stone Town to Bububu to Kihinani to Mangapwani The area comprises of more than 80 hotels
  • Pemba Chapter consisting of the whole Pemba Island With 8 hotels and a great future potential