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HAZ Profile

Hotel and restaurant associations have had an international presence since 1869 first formulated to develop and organize an industry of hospitality to
facilitate growth, trade and inclusive community standards and to build a stronger more professional presence within a national agenda.

Likeminded Zanzibar hoteliers and caterers first envisioned this in 2017 when it became clear the hospitality industry contributed to over 80% of the GDP in tourism as well as the single largest employer across all industry sectors and responsible for over 90% of all Foreign Exchange earnings.

HAZ is now officially launched to help support His Excellency’s national growth strategy for Zanzibar as the single most critical economic engine and to continuously improve on the; quality of experiences for visitors, develop a more inclusive value chain for Zanzibar citizens, increase employment across the hospitality sector and to become a collective more dynamic force to drive international promotion of the Zanzibar Brand.